Composting in Puerto Rico

We would love everyone to check out what one team did while here on the island with us!

Here is a post by Kaley Necessary.

Summer 2016 Update!

Hola from Puerto Rico! We wanted to share with everyone how the Summer of 2016 is progressing so far and some things that God has revealed to us personally.

A Reunion in Colorado

Hi there! My name is Kinzi, and a year and a half ago I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Puerto Rico with the Mayes family and a group of students from the University of Colorado. Upon arriving in Puerto Rico, I was prepared to develop relationships with my team that we could continue fostering upon returning to Colorado. What I wasn’t prepared for was the relationship I would develop with the 5 lovely members of the Mayes family, or the depth that it would reach a full year later.

Encouraging Words

We are underway for Mission Season 2015! We have already had a couple of teams in the calendar year, but they actually arrived in Puerto Rico in 2014 and then ended in 2015. So, this was our “official” kickoff. We are excited about this season and the changes God has put before in where we are going.

LYNC8 Project

Hello everyone! We hope you are staying warm and have dug out of all the snow by now! This weather has been a little different for us compared to the last two winters, to say the least. With that being said, it has been very encouraging since we returned to Kentucky and have been able to share with multiple groups and schools. We know God has a plan for us and we are excited to get started on planning some trips within the United States, along with Puerto Rico.